Hierarchical mentoring: A strategy to improve boys' education

Year: 2005

Author: Godinho, Sally, Taylor, Affrica, Maxworthy, Mike

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Boys’ Education Lighthouse School Project, Stage Two (BELS2) is a large-scale, national project funded by the Department of Science and Educational Training (DEST). This paper discusses the Eden cluster’s involvement in BELS2 and focuses on its implementation of a hierarchical mentoring strategy to improve the learning engagement and social behaviours of targeted Year 5/6 from the cluster primary schools. Three voices are used in the paper, each representing a different layer of involvement in the project. These voices allow different perspectives to emerge that hopefully provide a more authentic and critical analysis of the project’s delivery and outcomes. The project is in its final stages of completion, therefore the analysis is incomplete and discussion should be considered as a work in progress.