Research quality beyond the RQF: The Cairns conference

Year: 2005

Author: Gilbert, Rob, Seddon, Terri, Gale, Trevor

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In July 2005, AARE conducted a focus conference on quality research and the RQF in education. The conference papers, panels and workshops identified key issues arising from the RQF policy developments, and proposed recommendations for dealing with them in ways which would promote quality educational research. This paper will report on the key outcomes of these deliberations, addressing in particular three questions: What are the challenges of the proposed RQF for researchers and research practices in education? What are its implications for research management, and what strategies will enable educational research to consolidate its standing and prosper in a research quality environment? How might the education research community monitor and assess the impact of the RQF, and provide advice to government and institutions about the effects and opportunities for educational research in the research quality environment?