The Arctic Children Project: Preventing and taking measures against peer bullying

Year: 2005

Author: Forsman, Arne

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Since 2004 I am involved in the EU-project The Development and Research Project of Psychosocial Well.-being among Children and Youth in the Arctic. The project include universities north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, Russia, Norway and Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. The focus is to develop a supranational network model for promoting the psycho-social wellbeing, social environment and security of school-aged children in the Barents area. Urban and rural comprehensive schools are involved and one group of interest is the ingenuous, Sámi people. One common concern in all four countries is peer bullying. As an expert in research about peer bullying my task in the project is to work with participating Swedish schools staff to develop methods preventing peer bullying as well as taking measures against peer harassment and to do research in the field of peer bullying. My research will be investigating the prevalence and nature of the problem and to evaluate the school's development of new methods. So far I have carried out a peer bullying questionnaire and work as a consultant in two schools. I also am scheduling a plan for competence education for the staff in these schools and work implementing a course about conflict treatment in another school. My competence will also be used as a lecturer in the area of peer bullying in the other countries involved. My paper at the AARE-conference will be a report of my work so far.