What profiling tells us about ICT and professional practice

Year: 2005

Author: Fitzallen, Noleine, Brown, Natalie

Type of paper: Refereed paper

There is broad acceptance that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) should contribute extensively to pedagogical practices in order to address the needs of learners in contemporary society. The rapidly developing imperative to integrate ICT into professional practice has caused an explosion in professional learning around ICT, yet research indicates that many challenges still exist for teachers. The assessment of success in terms of teacher adoption of ICT needs to take into account a multitude of factors including: teacher background, teacher knowledge, professional learning and reflective practice. This paper details the use of a profiling instrument designed to assist in the assessment of teacher achievement in integrating ICT into professional practice, and to indicate areas for further professional development. The responses of four teachers are used to illustrate the information obtainable from the profile. The role of the profiling instrument is then discussed in terms of providing an extensive picture of teaching practice when triangulated with data collected from a teacher portfolio. Recommendations are made for the future development and application of the profiling instrument with particular application for designing ongoing professional learning.