Pedagogical reform and classroom reality: How teachers view teaching and discipline

Year: 2005

Author: Fields, Barry

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Over the past decade Queensland schools and school curriculum have been the subject of considerable policy development and reform. The most notable of these has been the adoption and widespread acceptance of the Productive Pedagogies (Gore, Griffiths & Ladwig, 2001), teaching principles and practices which are used to guide curriculum design and classroom teaching. The Productive Pedagogies draw teachers and students into a new relationship of shared participation in the teaching-learning process. This relationship has implications for how teachers interact with students in other ways, including the day to day task of behaviour management. The research reported in this paper looks at the dual teacher responsibilities of teaching and discipline with the focus on the extent to which the two are aligned in primary school classrooms. The research reported here extends an earlier exploratory study of the alignment of teachers and student teachers views on teaching and behaviour management (Fields, 2003).