Spreading the Word: An On-Line Database of Resources for the Assessment, Recognition and Accrediting of Prior Learning

Year: 1992

Author: Benton, Richard, Swindells, James

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In 1990 the Maori research section of NZCER made the recognition of prior learning a major focus of its research and information activities. In the following three years it has directly explored the implications of this process in the areas of social service education and training and the education of teachers and others involved in pre-school Maori language centres, while assembling information on the approaches to assessment, recognition and accrediting of prior experiential learning internationally. With the help of funding from the NZ Qualifications Authority, a database of resources and information on the recognition of prior learning likely to be relevant to the New Zealand situation is being developed. The database includes an annotated bibliography of written materials (from theoretical articles to guidelines and handbooks used in various tertiary institutions in the U.S. and elsewhere), and information on projects and practices planned or implemented by New Zealand providers. The information is available on-line through the Te Wahapu electronic bulletin board, a facility set up in 1991 with sponsorship from IBM (NZ) Ltd to promote the exchange of information relevant to Maori language and education. This presentation will outline the structure and content of the database, and will discuss the advantages of this method of making information on RPL available to educators, administrators and potential beneficiaries of the process. (The written version of the presentation is by Richard Benton; the oral presentation at the Conference will be made by James Swindells.)