Teachers' ICT literacy in the contemporary primary classroom: Transposing the discourse

Year: 2005

Author: Dakich, Eva

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

What should teachers know about teaching and learning with ICT? How can they effectively integrate ICT and their pedagogical practices in order to improve student learning and engagement?

This presentation provides insight into research findings of a survey study that validated a framework of ICT literacy for teaching and learning in the primary classroom. Developed by an international Delphi panel, the framework identifies four dimensions of teachers' ICT literacy: Operational Understanding and Application of ICT, ICT-Rich Pedagogies and Learning Environments, ICT for Professional Learning and Engagement, and The Social Ecology of Living and Learning with ICT.

Primary school teachers from a random sample of 350 Victorian state primary schools were invited to participate in the survey, and validate the findings of the Delphi process by rating the importance of each individual item introduced in the Framework of ICT Literacy for Primary School Teachers.

The presentation compares the findings emerging from the Delphi process and the survey study, and discusses similarities and differences of opinion between the expert group and a representative sample of the teacher community.