Reconceptualising mentoring: A conceptual layered framework that supports and contributes to the professional learning of research colleagues

Year: 2005

Author: Clarke, Maggie

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Previous research (Clarke, 2004) reported on the reconceptualisation of mentoring using a three layered model. The model provided a conceptual framework which viewed mentoring as developing through a series of overlapping layers. Within each layer of the model, characteristics and outcomes were identified which were indicative of each layer.

The model was implemented in the ‘Green Wired Safe’ (GWS) Research Concentration at the University of Western Sydney in August 2004 and throughout 2005 as a way to develop mentoring relationships between the members. Not only was the model implemented in the research concentration but the members also became the research participants in the study. The model through its implementation in the concentration was able to be tested to confirm whether the ‘layered’ conceptualization of mentoring was in fact a representation of how mentoring can develop.

This paper explains the process undertaken in the research concentration to develop understandings of mentoring. The discussion of the process reports on the strategies used to provide opportunities for mentoring relationships to develop with fellow research colleagues in the concentration as well as identify other opportunities which would further enhance and strengthen mentoring relationships between GWS researchers.