Construct validation of the Self-Description Questionnaire II (Short Version) for Indigenous Australian Secondary School Students

Year: 2005

Author: Bodkin-Andrews, Gawaian, Craven, Rhonda, Marsh, Herb

Type of paper: Refereed paper

In adherence to recent calls for the development of culturally relevant and applicable quantitative instruments for research into the educational disadvantages suffered by Indigenous Australian students, this investigation will report on the validation of the Self-Description Questionnaire II (short version) (SDQII-S) as reformulated by Marsh, Ellis, Heubeck, Parada & Richards (2005) and a researcher-devised art self-concept scale. Drawing from data obtained from the Craven, Tucker, et al. (in press) study, reliability and confirmatory factor analysis will be used to assess the psychometric properties of the 11-facets of self-concept measured by the SDQII-S and the researcher-devised art self-concept scale for Indigenous students (N=530) in comparison to their non-Indigenous peers (N=1155) drawn from 3 Australian States. The results demonstrate that the SDQII-S is a psychometrically sound and robust measure of Indigenous students' self-concepts.