The re-assessment of the Australian Perceived Discrimination Scale: Confirmatory factor analysis testing and between scale comparisons

Year: 2005

Author: Bodkin-Andrews, Gawaian, Craven, Rhonda, Martin, Herb, Marsh, Herb

Type of paper: Refereed paper

With the recent formulation of a three factor Australian Perceived Discrimination Scale (APDS) by Bodkin-Andrews, Craven & Marsh (2004) revealing an unacceptably high correlation between individual and institutional discrimination factors, this paper will present a rationale for a new two factor understanding of perceived discrimination. Secondly a re-analysis of the APDS will be undertaken as a two factor scale measuring perceived discrimination at the individual (e.g. name calling) and macro (e.g. wider social attitudes) levels. Thirdly, by including the Personal/Group Discrimination Scale (PGDS) by Operario and Fiske (2001), an opportunity will be provided to examine the ADPS with another previously utilized discrimination measure. Finally the relation of perceived discrimination to multiple motivational constructs and academic resiliency, as captured by Martin's (2004) Student Motivation and Engagement Scale (SMES) will be undertaken. It is hoped that the re-development of this scale will provide a robust measure for future perceived discrimination research within the Australian educational setting.