An action research project preparing teachers of English for ongoing English language teaching reform in Chinese tertiary education

Year: 2004

Author: Zhang, Yanling, Naizhao, Guo

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In 2004,180 universities in China are undergoing an experiment -.changing English teaching from prevailing teacher-centred classroom to learner-centred classroom. The chief aim of this change is to enhance students' English proficiencies. This paper reports the procedures of an action research project to give teachers strategies for exploring and reflecting on their own classroom practice. The process of self-reflection will contribute to professional development. Twenty in-service teachers of English from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics were involved in this action research project with five major steps.

Step 1: The 20 teachers meet to discuss the feasibility of implementing a learner-centred classroom, and possible outcomes of this reform for their classroom setting.

Step 2: Participants individually reflect on their own practices and classroom-monitoring strategies.

Step 3: The teachers meet again and share their views on the planned change to the learning-centred classroom.

Step 4: 20 teachers are divided into small groups to discuss a range of strategies and plan to implement the change.

Step 5: Each group share their teaching strategies with other small groups for the use in the classroom setting.

On implementation in the following semester, these teachers will meet again to continue reflecting, planning, monitoring and evaluating as they work towards achieving the initial objectives.