Teachers’ Performance and its Attitudinal Antecedents

Year: 2004

Author: Zhang, Aidong, Fang, Yongqing

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The paper studied the factors leading to teaching performance. Specifically, it proposed that the extent of perceived psychological contract fulfillment (over fulfillment or under-fulfillment) would lead to an evaluation of school’s distributive justice or fairness, which in turn would affect various attitudinal variables, including job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Finally, teaching performance will be affected by teachers’ attitudinal states.

A hundred and sixty schoolteachers in Singapore participated in the study. The results suggested important directions for managerial efforts in meeting the challenges in improving teaching performance. Among the factors, proper handling of the psychological contract with teachers should take a high priority by school administration. In the case where a psychological contract cannot be fully fulfilled due to various internal and external constrains, much effort was needed in communicating with the teaching staff and seeking their understanding and support.

Key words: Teachers, Performance, Psychological contract, Organizational commitment