Integrating ICT in pre-service teacher education - reframing teacher education

Year: 2004

Author: Vongalis, Athena, Ng, Wan, Wright, Pam, Brew, Chris

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A recent study by Taylor (2004) examined teachers' existing understanding of Information and Communications Technology and the way it changes as they learn to teach. Using this current study and others (Simpson, Payne, Munro, & Hughes, 1999; Vrasidas & McIsaac, 2001) the aim of this project is to conduct research into pre-service teacher education and the integration of ICT learning in education courses. The study aims to conduct initial research and trial of innovative teaching methodology as a basis for further study into how to better integrate ICT learning into curriculum method classes in pre-service education.

An identified aim of curriculum standard frameworks in Victoria is the integration of ICT learning across the curriculum. This study intends to examine how prospective secondary teachers in the key learning areas of SOSE, English, Science, Mathematics and Technology are using ICT in their methodology classes that prepare teachers for their specialized teaching. Preliminary discussion with method lectures has revealed an uneven use and knowledge of ICT across the key learning areas. This study intends to examine the reasons why this may be the case, raise issues about ICT in relation to key learning areas and propose recommendations to redesign initial teacher training.