A research endeavour: Fostering a collaborative research partnership with academic-practitioners

Year: 2004

Author: Smith, Richard

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper explores the methodological research issues associated with collaborative research between academics and academic-practitioners. At the time of submitting this abstract the study is in the preliminary stages, thereby at this stage it is an in-progress paper. It reveals some of the interesting tensions and jubilations of creating a genuinely collaborative research team working on a Ministry of Education contract on multiple research sites. The team was facilitated by a relatively novice university academic and a group of ten motivated, but highly over-worked academic-practitioners and school leaders who conducted the research within their own institutions. The overarching goal was to foster a genuinely collaborative research partnership with all involved. Themes explored in the research included how to enhance the use of technology to avoid too many face-to-face meetings; the pragmatics of trying to co-ordinate the research when the facilitator changed institutions; the ways developed to best support those conducting the research, and the strategies used to try to complete the project within the short timeframes allowed.