From the interview room to the public arena - the effect of emotional response of researchers

Year: 2004

Author: Sim, Cheryl

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The focus of this paper evolved from a research study conducted by the author with mentors and student teachers during preservice practicum blocks. During that project the author employed a research assistant to accompany her during interviews and to transcribe the interviews. In this paper one context-specific case is used to examine the "responses" that she and her assistant presented following the interview. The paper examines extracts from one interview presenting an analysis of that extract in two parts. In the first, the 'factual' information that is possible to identify from the transcript is presented. In the second what is determined as the emotional response of the researchers to that extract is discussed. The author reflects on the role of the emotional response of researchers as they move from the closed space of the interview room to the larger public space of debate and discussion on issues, in this case, of the communities of practice into which preservice teachers are introduced.