Improving Access of Disadvantaged
Youth to Higher Education - Findings from a Longitudinal Cohort Study

Year: 1992

Author: Abbott-Chapman, Joan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Research into programs and strategies which improve access of disadvantaged youth to higher education and reduce attrition has been undertaken at the University of Tasmania, in the context of a longitudinal cohort study of factors affecting retention. The findings from the retention study reveal that increases in equity cannot be assumed because overall participation rates are growing.These can only be achieved through better targetting of outreach programs to disadvantaged groups, and through greater institutional responsibility and accountability in the development of procedures for monitoring student progress. As part of this process the development of indicators of student disadvantage, and the national coordination of institutional data gathering on access and equity, is suggested. The special situation of disadvantaged high ability early leavers is discussed and the challenge they present to outreach programs.