"Noticing" and professional learning

Year: 2004

Author: Moss, Julianne, White, Julie

Type of paper: Refereed paper

One of the most difficult issues faced in school university partnerships is the legitimacy of the collaborative relationship. Getting invited in as a university partner and staying on to support teacher knowledge is challenging. Through an account of a case study set in one large secondary school located in the Western Metropolitan region, we disentangle the importance of seldom considered barriers that impact on professional learning. Shaping our understanding through a theoretical model where the movement between identity, beliefs and decision and action is identified as 'noticing' (Mason 2002)we describe the potential of the model in developing a 'pedagogy of hope' (hooks 2003. Noticing, working at the elusive intersections of observation and construction, permits non-linear connections. A 'pedagogy of hope' works for a sustainable learning community for students, teachers and school leaders.