Identifying quality in teacher-education students' mental models of self-regulation processes in learning

Year: 2004

Author: Lawson, Michael, Askell-Williams, Helen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Teacher education students' mental models of learning are of major functional importance. It is from these models that the students will generate many of the teaching plans and actions that will be used in lessons with their own students. Several streams of research have raised doubts about the degree of development of these models. At a general level, researchers have questioned whether the student-teachers' models were adequate to generate productive connections between their teaching actions and the learning processes of their students. In more specific analyses, the student teachers' vocabulary related to learning has been found to be relatively imprecise, suggesting the availability of limited analytic frameworks. Other research has reported wide variation in the quality of the student-teachers' explanations of how learning is supported through activities such as class discussions. In this study we investigate pre-service teachers' knowledge about processes of self-regulation in learning. This knowledge is of interest because it forms part of the central core of learners' and teachers' models of learning. We describe the models of self-regulation processes, present analyses of dimensions of quality of these models and report on the students' technical vocabulary about processes of self-regulation.