Page Putting APL Into Practice

Year: 1992

Author: MacPherson, Jan, Brooking, Keren

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper outlines the initiation and implementation of the first stages of a policy for assessing and accrediting students' prior learning (APLThroughout this paper we have used 'APL' to describe the assessment and accreditation of prior learning/recognition of prior learning. The use of 'APL' rather than 'RPL', which appears to be gaining precedence in common usage does not signify a particular, or different, theoretical approach; but reflects the term in vogue when the programme was first initiated at the College of Education, and is how the programme is described in college documents used by staff and students.) in a College of Education in New Zealand. We describe the institutional context and provide a brief summary of the initial research project which provided the basis for policy development. The first stages of policy development and implementation are then discussed, and possibilities for future development are outlined. Although we focus on the practical aspects of implementing an APL process, the paper highlights issues and questions which are relevant to both theoretical and practical interests.