Remaking the teacher and redesigning preservice teacher education in/for uncertain times

Year: 2004

Author: Klein, Mary

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Times are changing, but structurally and pedagogically teacher education looks very much as it did decades ago. While there has been some tinkering around the edges, some innovative use of ICTs and other technologies to enhance student learning, teacher education itself and policy documents such as Australia's Teachers: Australia's Future (Department of Education, Science and Training, DEST, 2003) endure as bastions of outmoded humanist assumptions about learners and learning-to-teach that, at the very moments they speak of transformation, in operation preclude significant change. New and uncertain times demand newly conceived teaching/learning interactional patterns in universities (and schools) that, in recognising their constitutive force, nurture not only the construction of intellectual knowledge but also innovative ways-of-being a lifelong learner (teacher) living with (in)difference, diversity and uncertainty.