Co-Educational Change In A Rural Residential Boys High School: An Issue Of Gender Equity (Part One)

Year: 1992

Author: King, R., Boylan, C., Francis, R., Adams, C.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In 1993, 15 girls will be enrolled in both year 7 and year 11 as boarders in a rural residential boys' high school with a long tradition of educating boys. A further 30 girls will be admitted at the same year levels each year for the next three years. First preference in the selection of girls will be given to those from isolated areas of N.S.W. and second to others who do well on the entrance tests. This initiative of co-educational change is unique in Australia in that it concerns admitting girls to a fully residential rural boys' high school . This paper deals with issues that have been addressed as part of the initial planning of the evaluation of the process of co- educational change. It explores equity issues in the process of co-education and presents a theoretical framework based on the dominant assumptions revealed in teacher responses to questions about co-educational change. Later papers will report on the process of co-educational change at the school. The researchers in this study have taken the role of facilitator rather than acting as independent observer/evaluators. The various measures used in the study will be designed and administered in co-operation with the staff of the school and the authorship of the chapters and editing of the final report will be the responsibility of the principal and staff. The submission for funding the study was prepared jointly by the staff of the Boys' high school, the Department of School Education and the researchers and the funds will be administered by all three.