Reading aloud, silent reading and "booktalk" in upper primary school classes: Teachers' reading programs, motivations and objectives

Year: 2004

Author: Jones, Tammy, Wills, Robin

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This case study of four upper primary school teachers sought to discover their motivations and objectives for their decision to implement a combination of three literacy practices: reading aloud to students, providing dedicated silent reading time and engaging students in "booktalk".

Results indicated that the teachers' own love of reading, as well as their understanding that well-developed reading skills had an important influence on the future success of their students were recognised as salient motivating factors in each of the teachers' programs. Teachers also had a naive theoretical understanding of the attitude influence model that framed this study.

This study provides support for the implementation of reading programs in which these three practices are linked and it emphasises the power of teacher modelling as a vital component of pedagogical practice. The teachers' accounts provide access to their emotional commitment to their work, and their stories suggest that they implicitly understand the crucial importance of student motivation to any educational endeavour.