Grandparents supporting children's thinking in technology

Year: 2004

Author: Jane, Beverley, Robbins, Jill

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Increasingly Australian grandparents are assuming an active and significant role in the lives of young children. Shared experiences and interactions are potentially mutually beneficial, enjoyable and educational in nature. In particular, through everyday, spontaneous cooperative activities, many grandparents are fulfilling an important function in supporting the technology thinking and learning of their grandchildren. This paper, informed by sociocultural theory, will report on a pilot project that is seeking to document the important, robust and mutually enjoyable cooperative learning and co-construction that is occurring through these informal interactions, and to highlight the significance of this in relation to children’s emerging skills, dispositions and understandings in technology. In turn, implications of these factors for teachers working in technology education in early childhood and primary school classrooms will be briefly mentioned.

Keywords: Technology education, early childhood, primary teaching, sociocultural theory, intergenerational relations, co-construction