Forms of professional learning mediated by the integration of ICT

Year: 2004

Author: Hayes, Debra

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The integration of ICT places pressure on teachers to develop and broaden their repertoire of pedagogical practice. We observed a number of different approaches to providing support to teachers for this purpose in the case study schools. This support ranged from a single 'expert' teacher who had accumulated all responsibility for teaching ICT skills to both students and colleagues, through to a committee composed of a cross section of school leaders and teachers, and supported by external consultants. The longitudinal nature of this study allowed us to trace the development of these forms of professional learning over an extended period of time, and to describe how they were influenced by other background issues, such as leadership; and contextual variations, such as changes in personnel. This paper describes how sustained professional learning opportunities, which develop teachers' ICT skills alongside their pedagogical understandings, may afford enhanced learning opportunities for students through ICT.