Developing and validating primary school teacher standards in Vietnam

Year: 2004

Author: Griffin, Patrick, Gillis, Shelley, Nguyen, Cuc

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on the findings of a World Bank funded study in which the University of Melbourne was commissioned to develop and validate a set of competency profiles and assessment strategies for primary school educators in Vietnam. Through extensive consultation, 14 draft competency profiles were developed within three broad strands: Personality and Ideology, Knowledge and Pedagogical Skills. Each competency profile comprised a set of performance criteria and indicators to judge the quality of performance of teachers. Standardised assessment procedures for gathering evidence of teacher performance were also developed, including portfolio methods, interview, observations and third party reports. The draft profiles and accompanying assessment procedures were then trialed with a sample of 2180 teachers from 10 provinces in Vietnam. Item Response Modelling was then used to evaluate the psychometric properties of the profiles as well as to identify developmental levels of competency for each of the 14 profiles. The data collected demonstrated the validity, accuracy and reliability of the measures. In the next stage of the project, the validated profiles and assessment rocedures will be used to assess a further 25,000 teachers. The outcomes of the study will have direct implications for identifying professional development needs, as well as formulating policies in teacher awards and promotion in Vietnam's primary educational system.