Transnational curriculum inquiry: Building postcolonialist constituencies and solidarities

Year: 2004

Author: Gough, Noel, Johnson, Evelyn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper explores theoretical and practical possibilities for transnational curriculum inquiry, with particular reference to building international and intercultural solidarities in postcolonialist curriculum work predicated on shared responsibilities rather than shared identities. We argue that building such solidarities requires critical rearticulations of the languages in which curriculum work is performed and represented, so that curriculum studies within a global knowledge economy does not merely assimilate national (local) curriculum discourses and practices into an imperial (global) archive. We draw on the initial stages of our research on internationalisation, inclusivity and innovative knowledge work one aspect of which focuses on the possibilities of performing inclusive knowledge work in transnational virtual spaces. This research includes studies of the formation of new (and, we hope, more inclusive) transnational scholarly communities and constituencies, and of strategies to improve modes of intercultural communication that facilitate transnational knowledge work. Our discussion of these arguments and issues will be situated, in part, in the practicalities of establishing Transnational Curriculum Inquiry (TCI), an electronic open-access journal that is both a site for transnational scholarly conversations and a site for inquiry into the ways that electronic publishing procedures produce opportunities and/or constraints for inclusive knowledge work and postcolonialist curriculum inquiry.