Productive Pedagogies and discipline: The challenge of aligning teaching and behaviour management

Year: 2004

Author: Fields, Barry

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Queensland has led the way in recent years in policy development and school reform. The Productive Pedagogies construct (Gore, Griffiths & Ladwig, 2001) has been particularly powerful and influential in defining what schools should be aiming to achieve in teaching and learning. Interestingly, the Productive Pedagogies has as much to say about behaviour management as to does about teaching. This paper explores (1) the direction given to teachers, through the Productive Pedagogies, about their role in the classroom and how they should approach the task of teaching and managing student behaviour and (2) the difficulties that many teachers are experiencing in aligning their approach to behaviour management with current views about teaching and learning. As the paradigm shift in teaching and learning gradually moves from instrumentalist to constructivist views on teaching, learning and behaviour and from teacher direction to student self-direction, traditional managerial views of behaviour management are at risk of being seen as out of step with the direction that schools are being encouraged to head in. Where this incompatibility exists students are sent mixed messages about the education process and the extent to which teachers really belief that the goals of self-direction of learning and self-regulation of behaviour are legitimate.