Working through ICTs in hybrid learning spaces

Year: 2004

Author: Farrell, Lesley, Holkner, Bernard

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper is concerned with the ways that learning and teaching are conceptualised in a local site of a global corporation. Our study focuses on 3 people who constitute a work group, one located in Melbourne and two located at the Sydney office. The group constructs its role as the mediation of highly technical knowledge across and between local and global networks of communication within and external to the organisation. PaceSetters is a global company concerned with the design, development and support of health technology products. It operates with a network of distribution and marketing facilities spanning all continents. In this work, we focus on the metaphors people use to construct themselves as learners, teachers and knowledge producers, individually and in intersecting communities of practice. We pay attention to specific problems in the integration of ICTs into these new learning spaces and to the ways in which conflicts are played out in new workplace learning contexts.