Teacher education and problem based learning: Exploring the issues and benefits

Year: 2004

Author: Edwards, Susan, Hammer, Marie

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Problem Based Learning has been used with increasing frequency in Higher Education settings since it was first conceived by Barrows and Tamblyn during the 1980's. Since this time PBL has been used in medical, engineering and education faculties to support pre-service students in the acquisition of skills and content relevant to their professions, This paper explores pre-service teachers' perceptions of a unit of study conducted using the PBL approach. The paper explores the frustrations they experienced in participating in the unit as well as noting the perceived benefits for the students. The paper indicates that the students' frustrations should be acknowledged and steps taken to alleviate these in order to support students working within a PBL scenario. Opportunity for further research in this area is also described.