Development of a Rasch model scale to measure teacher observations of how principals lead the school pedagogy

Year: 2004

Author: Cavanagh, Rob, Reynolds, Peter, Romanoski, Joseph

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Pedagogic leadership was defined as the leadership of teaching and learning that is exercised within a socio-political context. It was conceptualised to comprise five dimensions: developing a shared sense of educational purpose; improving teacher pedagogic practise; developing school culture; engaging staff; and committing to mission realisation. A Likert scale survey was administered to 208 teachers in 25 Western Australian schools to collect ordinal data on their observations of the principal's behaviours. Rasch model rating scale analysis was used to calibrate leadership behaviour (items) and individual teacher observations (persons) on the same interval-level scale. Examination of item 'difficulties' showed common and uncommon principal behaviours. The report explains the theoretical orientation of the study, describes how the data were analysed, and profiles the pedagogic leadership behaviours of principals as observed by teachers.