Investigating principal leadership of pedagogic renewal using Rasch and LISREL analyses

Year: 2004

Author: Cavanagh, Rob, MacNeill, Neil, Silcox, Steffan, Reynolds, Peter, Romanoski, Joseph

Type of paper: Refereed paper

School principal leadership of pedagogic renewal was conceptualised to include five behaviours: engaging teachers; expressing expectations of teacher instruction; sharing curriculum decision-making; developing a sense of common purpose; and effecting school renewal. Rating scale data on teacher observations of principal behaviours was analysed using Rasch and structural equation modeling techniques. Rasch analyses of data showed the items were eliciting data on a dominant trait. LISREL was applied to test the factorial structure of a five-element model and also the postulated relationships between variables within the model. The prevalence of pertinent leadership behaviours was revealed and the associations between these behaviours were examined. The empirical results of the investigation are discussed in terms of school leadership, pedagogical practise and school renewal.