The role of strategic research in producing knowledge to address issues and needs

Year: 2004

Author: Angelico, Teresa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper outlines strategic research initiatives undertaken by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria's (CECV). The potential of research in highlighting areas of importance to CECV and in achieving broader policy outcomes is also considered.

The CECV is a policy making body responsible for 489 Catholic primary, secondary and special schools representing over 180,000 student enrolments in Victoria. A number of research projects have been undertaken in partnership with researchers to provide a knowledge base to form the basis of solutions to issues and needs.

Strategic research initiatives include: The Affordability of Catholic Schools by Students from Catholic Families (Centre for the Economics of Education and Training, Monash University - ACER); The Welfare Needs of Victorian Catholic Schools (Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne); and The Contribution of Catholic Schools to the Community and the Economy (Centre for Strategic Economics Studies, Victoria University). These research studies provide evidence to support the CECV campaign to increase the level of funding provided by the Victorian State Government to Catholic schools.