A collaborative self-study into teacher education and social justice

Year: 2003

Author: Sandretto, Susan, Lang, Catherine, Schon, Pamela

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper is a co-constructed reflection of the research process and outcomes of a collaborative self-study that examined the personal beliefs and professional theories and practices of a group of New Zealand teacher educators committed to social justice. The authors represent three participants and one doctoral student researcher/participant. Self-study of teacher education involves teacher educators reflecting on their professional practice for the purpose of improving their practice and the practice of others (Hamilton, 1998). The research participants submitted their beliefs, theories and practices to critical analysis and reflection. It was clear by the end of the research that the group had provided support and professional development for the participants, although they had not explicitly considered it as such at the onset of the project. We invite others to form similar collaborative, self-study groups as a means to investigate their teaching practice and implement change.