Collegiality: The foundation of a successful internship program

Year: 2003

Author: McLuskie, Linda, Zipf, Reyna

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A best practise internship model, will lead to enhanced learning outcomes for interns and stronger relationships between all partners. While this is true regardless of the setting of the internship, this paper focuses on interns in the field of education.

We present two case studies. One case study examines the experience of interns in a small Central Queensland primary school with a teaching Principal, and the other examines the experiences of four students in a primary school in Coalsville - a small, coalmining town situated 400 kilometres from the Central Queensland coast.

Conclusions will be drawn about the effectiveness of the 2003 Central Queensland University (CQU) Bachelor of Learning Management (BLM) internship program as a bridge that connects interns with their new career paths and supports them as they walk across the great divide through the development of collegial relationships. It also draws conclusions about the BLM program as one that prepares inclusive educators.