Leading technologies: a mid-term analysis of a longitudinal study into the integration of learning technologies in NSW public schools

Year: 2003

Author: Hayes, Debra

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The effects research project commenced in 2001 with funding from the Australian Research Council and the NSW Department of Education and Training. Members of the research team are pursuing a number of lines of interest in the field of computer-based learning (CBL) including: what do classrooms that integrate CBL look like; what are the effects of CBL; practices and trends in online projects; and how do different types of schools develop effective CBL practices? Our approach has been to identify a small number of schools that are actively attempting to integrate CBL. A key factor in choosing these schools has been the support and involvement of their principals. In this paper, we report on our interviews with these principals and discuss their leadership practices within the contexts of their diverse schools. An important feature of this research is its longitudinal component and this analysis is being undertaken just past the mid-way point in our study. Emerging themes reflect the complexity of leading the integration of educational technologies in schools and relate to infrastructure development, human resource development, curriculum design, pedagogical practices and futurist thinking.