Knowledge and Understanding of Asia:Using a Common Item Pool to Gain a National Picture

Year: 2003

Author: Griffin, Patrick, Woods, Kerry

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A series of tests, attitude and questionnaire scales were developed to assess the proficiency of Australian Year 5 and Year 8 students in studies of Asia. Questionnaires were administered to students, teachers and school principals to identify appropriate issues related to outcomes in terms of classroom, curriculum, and teaching and learning practices. This paper presents results of analyses that in volved calibrating items distributed over 14 overlapping subtests, developed to cater for state and territory curricula and two year levels. This allowed for state and year level preferences to be selected from a common pool of 105 items representing the three key learning areas of Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE/HSIE), English and the Arts. The project used common item anchoring to map all students and items onto a single, underpinning scale that was identified and interpreted using concurrent equating procedures and a skills audit of items.