CDA in education policy research - to what ends?

Year: 2002

Author: Taylor, Sandra

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Allan Luke (2002) has argued that 'new times' have created theoretical and empirical challenges for CDA, and that CDA needs to augment its strong focus on ideology critique with studies which document the emancipatory use of discourses in new contexts. This paper explores the possibilities of extending CDA in this way in education policy research, drawing on recent research on Education Queensland's new policy directions. It is argued that in the context of late modernity CDA is of particular value in documenting multiple and competing discourses in policy texts, and in highlighting marginalised and hybrid discourses. However, it is argued that such analyses are not in themselves necessarily emancipatory, and that it is important that researchers give more attention to how their work can be used as a political resource in struggles for social change.