Holding up a mirror - harnessing the reflective potential of EE perspectives

Year: 2002

Author: Springer, Michelle

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Two premises underlie this paper: firstly, that the environment, unarguably a current, contentious, and global area of concern, is representative of many social problems; and secondly that a society reveals its approach to such problems in its philosophies and methods of education. A recent doctoral study proposes that Environmental Education (EE), as the synthesis of these areas, therefore provides a valuable tool with which to examine not just environmental but wider developmental and social issues. The application of such a methodology, within a comparative education context, proved to be conceptually challenging but was ultimately tremendously successful, enabling insights into many other spheres of human activity. Conclusions relating to future directions in educational research are twofold: 1) that current isolationist perspectives must make way for new transversal approaches; 2) that a broadening of the comparative education methodology can yield deep insights outside of the educational sphere.