Promoting emotional health and wellbeing through partnerships - a parent/teacher/community collaboration

Year: 2002

Author: Sorin, Reesa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The research described in this paper is about children's fear and how, through forging strong bonds, or partnerships, between teachers, parents, children and the community, we may be making positive strides towards addressing fear and other emotions in young children. Partnerships, as this term is used in this research can be defined as interaction and participation between teachers, families, children and community members to achieve greater understanding of children's experiences, qualities, needs and backgrounds and to implement action based on this understanding to further enhance children's development and learning (Arthur et al, 1999; Dwyer, 1989). This can be achieved through partners sharing information about children's fears and other emotions to develop an increased awareness of the emotional spectrum of young children, and through sharing ideas about best practice in responding to these emotions as a way of helping young children to understand and develop appropriate ways of expressing these emotions. Through supporting children's growing understanding of emotions, we encourage the development of emotional literacy, which helps children to achieve both within the school setting and in life in general.