Associating school principal behaviours and behavioural dispositions with proclivity for change and school renewal

Year: 2002

Author: Silcox, Steffan, Cavanagh, Robert

Type of paper: Refereed paper

The study concerned leadership and school renewal. Literature on the leadership of change in corporate and educational organisations was examined to identify leadership attributes anticipated to be conducive to organisational and school change. These attributes were investigated by administering a leadership profiling instrument to 39 school principals from a Western Australian education district. The data were examined by statistical analyses to distinguish patterns of leadership behaviours and to explore associations between behavioural patterns and behavioural dispositions. Four orientations towards school leadership were revealed; self-promotion, organisational compliance, leadership of change, and maintenance of routines.

The four empirically derived leadership orientations are discussed in relation to theoretical conceptions of leadership of school renewal. The study concluded that school renewal leadership is characterised by: change agentry; discovery of issues; people focus; team approach; visioning; coaching; proactivty, risk-taking dominance; impatience; and nonconformity.