Educational visioning processes: A modern footnote on an ancient task

Year: 2002

Author: Reynolds, Peter, Dellar, Graham

Type of paper: Refereed paper

This paper takes a philosophical look at educational visioning processes. It seeks to show that the tasks associated with visions and educational visioning processes are more involved than would at first appear to be the case. It draws the conclusion that visions seem to represent a contemporary equivalent of what educational philosophy has traditionally termed 'the aims of education'; which, despite the efforts of many luminaries in the field, presents a minefield of questions that remain unresolved. The paper uses an inductive methodology to assay some of the philosophical issues currently concerned with visions. In this respect a 'definition of education' is presented as a centrepiece for making three postulations or 'axioms' about visions and visioning processes. These underscore arguments that may be used to support the formulation of questions for further research. The authors suggest that a review of the lessons of educational philosophy would not be entirely out of place if the worst aspects of managerialism were to be avoided at this stage in the development of educational visioning processes.