Internship learning connects the dots: The theory and practice of reflection

Year: 2002

Author: Power, Anne, Clarke, M, Hine, Alison

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In a series of papers (Clarke, Power & Hine, 2001; Power, Clarke & Hine, 2002) have investigated how reflection on practice can contribute to professional learning. The University of Western Sydney Bachelor of Education Primary fourth year Internship Program has been the focus of these studies.

This paper continues this journey and investigates how Van Manen's (1977) levels of reflection can be developed by student teachers to frame their understanding of their reflection and assist them in their professional learning. Additional focus group meetings with colleague teachers (classroom teachers) and associate teachers (student teachers) and the introduction of a reflective journal have been added to the repertoire of strategies used in the internship program to support the development and sustaining value of reflection on teaching practice. This study will critically examine these innovations and review their effectiveness in supporting reflective practice.