Sport Education in Physical Education: An exploration of place, purpose and pedagogy

Year: 2002

Author: Penney, Dawn, Brooker, Ross

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Amidst the sustained international development of Sport Education it has frequently been stressed that Sport Education should not be seen as either equivalent to or a replacement for physical education. Yet, both research and professional debates have largely addressed Sport Education in isolation, such that how Sport Education should be developed and positioned in pedagogical terms within the subject (or learning area) remains unclear. This paper seeks to extend debates by critically exploring a number of key questions centring on issues of pedagogy that it seems essential to address if the potential contribution of Sport Education to physical education is to be realised. It specifically considers the parallel developments that Sport Education needs to inter-relate with if the physical education curriculum as a whole is to succeed in promoting the full range of learning that it is associated with and/or formally required to address. Discussion focuses on the proposal that Sport Education should be viewed and developed as one of a number of pedagogical frameworks that need to feature in teaching and teacher education in physical education, and the ways in which different frameworks may be most effectively combined.