A focus on teaching in online pedagogy

Year: 2002

Author: Johnson, Richard, Warren, Colin

Type of paper: Refereed paper

As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and educational institutions feel the need to have a presence online, 'learning and teaching online' has become somewhat of an IT cliche. In most cases course material is made available online and it is left up to the learner to learn. In this paper we question the assumption that online teaching is merely making course material available online. We report on our study of what is involved in the act of teaching online and on the theoretical underpinning of an initiative to use a 'mobile teaching laboratory' to enable a focus on teaching in the online environment. We reflect on models of teaching online and on how a group of academic staff are responding to online teaching. Details of professional development workshops, hardware and software solutions and working with the complexities of pedagogy will also be discussed.

This paper is about our findings, our recommendations and our plans for future explorations.