Having a baby and being in school: Researching pregnant and parenting young people and their educational transitions

Year: 2002

Author: Harrison, Lyn, Angwin, Jennifer, Shacklock, Geoff

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on aspects of the pilot phase of a continuing study of pregnant and parenting young people and their movements in and out of school (and other educational) settings. It presents an overview of the methodological approach employed, data collected and readings of that data. The paper draws on one specific case to identify how young people engage with school during this phase of their lives. This case represents one instance of how young people can see themselves becoming somebody in and around other identity work they engage in while pregnant and parenting at school. An insight into the dilemmas encountered in the interpretation of data and the construction of research accounts is also provided through a window on researcher reflections and research team discussions.