Scored assessment for Senior Secondary Certificates - A national project

Year: 2002

Author: Griffin, Patrick, Gillis, Shelley, Taylor, Michael

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This project follows on from a national analysis of VET in Year 12. In a previous report "Assessment and Reporting of Vet Courses in Senior Secondary Certificates" a national approach to the development of scored assessments was recommended. In studying the situation through out Australia the initial report identified a need for separating the purposes for VET assessments. These were classified as 'selection' and 'recognition'. The tensions that existed between these purposes in the VET sector were accentuated when vocational subjects in senior secondary courses were considered for tertiary entrance. In resolving this tension, consideration had to be given to issues concerning the need for competency decisions in the workplace and the differentiation scores needed for he development of university entrance scores. Three broad areas of concern were identified. These were associated with a need for emphasis on quality of performance, the quality of assessment task development needed for this and a serious lack of quality control over interpretation of evidence. Use of a Standards Referenced Framework established a clear interpretation of skills; Assessment task design emerged that recognised quality of learning and performance; quality control over various influences on judgement in a competency context were identified.