Exploring "Productive Pedagogy" as a framework for teacher learning

Year: 2002

Author: Gore, Jennifer

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Much is made of teacher learning as a corrective to the ills of our education systems. Recruitment and accreditation schemes, codification of standards for accomplished practice, teacher education reform, and professional development initiatives are just some of the ways in which teacher learning is being addressed. Teacher learning is of particular importance when the concern is promoting a form of teaching that emphasises high standards of intellectual quality as explicated in models like 'Productive Pedagogy (PP).' In this paper, we report outcomes from a study designed to address the fundamental question of whether it is possible to change teaching to more closely match such standards. In the study reported here, PP was used to assist inservice teachers to improve their teaching. Drawing on data from coded observations of the participants' teaching before and after professional development activities, as well as interviews about their experience of learning and applying PP, some principles for enhancing both professional development programs and preservice teacher education will be elaborated. A comparison of the results gained in this study with those gained in related studies is used to elaborate arguments to refine the potential use of PP in teacher learning.