Professional leadership portfolios: An evaluation of the implementation of professional leadership portfolios in a Western Australian district

Year: 2002

Author: Dixon, Robert, Dixon, Kathryn

Type of paper: Refereed paper

In April 2002, the Swan Education District in Perth, Western Australia, implemented the Professional Portfolio for principals with a group of voluntary participants. The portfolio focused on the educational leader demonstrating and articulating a school's vision, shaping its culture and facilitating organizational change through a collection of measurable, valid and reliable artefacts linked to a competency framework. This evaluation seeks to understand and elaborate upon what principal's consider being the most useful style, content and presentation of the professional portfolio through their experiences in creating one. It will verify and validate the process of using the portfolio, clarify goals and objectives outlined in the initial plan and determine the most efficient method for using the portfolio as a tool for summative and formative, holistic and analytical assessment of performance within a competency based framework. The study will combine a goal-based evaluation; the extent to which the portfolio meets predetermined goals or objectives, with process-based evaluation, how the portfolio works, its strengths and weaknesses.