The introduction, scope and implementation of enterprise and vocational education in a school district.

Year: 2002

Author: Dixon, Kathryn, Pelliccione, Lina

Type of paper: Refereed paper

In 2001, Western Australia commenced implementation of the nationally agreed 'New Framework for Vocational Education' (MCEETYA, 2001). The new framework recognizes that students need generic vocational and enterprise skills as well as industry-specific skills. These elements are captured in three major threads that run throughout school-based Vocational Education which are: VET in schools, Enterprise Education and student support for Career Education. In response to the 'New Framework for Vocational Education', the Department of Education, Western Australia has developed a strategic plan for implementation. 2001 was the first year of the take-up of that plan with nine districts supporting Enterprise and Vocational Education (EVE) by employing coordinators to support the schools to develop programs. This paper investigates the implementation of EVE in one metropolitan school district through an examination of the implementation and scope of approaches across nine schools.