Ethics and Educators: Today

Year: 1991

Author: Grant, William, Riley, Dan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Policy makers in organisations are increasingly challenged by public questioning of the morality of their undertakings. No executive can dismiss such intrusive probing as the actions of an articulate minority. Contemporary society has witnessed the holding of private organisations to detailed scrutiny and public organisations can not expect to escape the call for greater accountability. This paper addresses the fundamental issue of ethics and codes of conduct and their contribution to the professional performance of the practising administrator. A review of the rationale for both, is complemented by drawing upon a number of examplar codes of conduct from various organisations. This facilitates a discussion of their development and implementation while allowing identification of suggested essential elements. It is the formative evaluation of the authors that organisational function is based on the degree of faith held by its members and clients in the integrity of its operation.